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The Future of HR and Technology

Businesses around the globe are quickly adapting to modern times and integrating the latest technologies to operate more efficiently and maximize production. Companies that choose to do business the way they’ve always done in the past will simply be left behind. While the need for remote working after 2020 was the catalyst that propelled many businesses into a new environment of Google Meet, Teams and Zoom meetings are continuing to adapt to new technologies with a growing appreciation of what these resources will mean for business productivity will be an integral part of a company’s success into the future. The need to manage a remote work culture has risen as a focus for human resources departments. Some of the technologies that will be used by HR departments in 2023 and beyond as they continue to provide results-based performance analyses will include:

  1. Communications Apps - Apps like SnapComms, Slack, and Microsoft Teams will be used more and more to create a collaborative workforce while driving productivity and engagement.

  2. Chatbots - Chatbots will become a vital tool for HR management in the future. Chatbots are software applications that are used for online conversations via text or text-to-speech, instead of having conversations over the phone or via email.

  3. Freelancer Management - Using short-term contracts with freelancers growing the gig economy, as a growing resource across the business world. This will prove to be an additional function of HR as the gig economy continues to grow.

  4. Predictive Analytics - The need to evaluate data has changed. From analyzing the past to predicting what might happen in the future depends on the ability to analyze and review the right data to make an accurate prediction.

  5. Cybersecurity - An increase in the amount of data collected by HR departments have created a greater need to protect that data. HR departments will need to work closely with their organizations to decide which cybersecurity services will best serve them.

The integration of technology into HR department management isn’t new, but beyond virtual meetings and group chats, the future of technology in a data-driven world requires the ability to swiftly adapt processes to cutting-edge technologies that make human resources departments run more efficiently and accurately.

For more information about technologies that can help your human resources department run more smoothly, or to speak with an HR consulting expert, contact HR1 Consulting today.

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